Skincare & Facials

Beauty is an individual journey, an on going quest for increased health, skin radiance and inner balance, complimented by an overall feeling of well-being.

Spa Treatments For The Face

Bioline Facial Treatments
Known as the top professional brand throughout Italy.  Bioline Jato combines the latest in cutting edge aesthetic technologies, while also containing a high concentration of pure active ingredients derived from nature.  These treatments are designed to preserve youthfulness and diminish the signs of aging while also nourishing and treating the skin.  All Bioline Jato Tretaments include facial cleansing, toning, serums, masks and moisturizer along with a relaxing massage that incorporates lymphatic and acupressure point techniques.

Signature Facial
This luxurious, stress reducing facial will revitalize your skin and soothe your spirit.
Begin this journey with a rose petal and essential oil foot soak. Warm towels are placed under the neck while your skin is cleansed and prepped for a hot stone exfoliation which is then followed by an enzyme peel, enjoy hand, shoulder, neck and scalp massage. A lymphatic massage follows with a vitamin C ampoule.  Relax while you receive a soothing facial mask.  Finish this wonderful facial with a refreshing herbal tea. Extractions are not performed with this facial.

Bioline Linea + Signature Facial Treatments
A corrective yet relaxing treatment customized for all skin types and ages.  Your esthetician will choose the appropriate cleanser, exfoliant, serum and mask to address your skins needs whether your skin is Dry, Sensitive, Oily or Aging.
60 min $80.00

Desense Rosacea Treatment Facial                                                                                                                                          

Protect and relieve irritated red skin and coupe rose skin. Calms the skin with GPI derived from sunflower, lecithin, liquorice extract and bilberry, Paraben, and allergen-free. $95.00

Best results in a series of 3 to 5 treatments.
Series of 3 10% discount
Series of 5 15% discount

24.7 Natural Balance Facial
This treatment acts in advance against the causes of skin aging.  It addresses the environmental issues that affect your skin by utilizing three essential elements: vitamins, minerals, and oxygen.  Your skin is infused with ingredients derived from natural plants, fruits and flowers rich with anti-oxidant properties.  Leaves skin nourished, glowing and revitalized.  Suitable for all skin types.
60 min $80.00

Primaluce Radiance Treatment
The Primaluce treatment is designed to tackle a variety of skin concerns such as dull complexion, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, impurities, and dry skin.  The mild peel softens and smoothes wrinkles while improving the texture of the skin.  An extremely hydrating and brightening treatment suitable for brides and special occasions.  Gentle enough for all skin types.
60 min $90.00
Series of 3 10% discount
series of 5 15% discount

Reveillance Treatment
The special “Radical Scavenger Complex” plus a cocktail of 5 anti-oxidant vitamins help to repair deep tissue damage caused from pollution, sun, smoking and stress.  The treatment helps stimulate the production of new collagen while also plumping and filling lines and wrinkles.  Hydration and elasticity are improved and skin appears more luminous and even toned.  Excellent for mature, delicate, and prematurely aged skin.
90 min $110.00

Lifting Code Firm & Filler Treatement
This treatment has an extraordinary  lifting and filling effect.  The “Tightening Complex” helps to smooth the surface of the skin as well as redefine the contours of the face and neck.  The Hyaluronic and Elastin Booster help to firm and tone the skin in addition to minimizing wrinkles and expression lines.  Diminish the signs of aging with this beautiful treatment.
90 min $120.00

Age Beauty Secret
This top of the line anti-aging treatment consists of powerful active ingredients such as stem cell extract and bioactive peptides.  Awakens the skin by evening out the complexion, smoothing out wrinkles and giving volume.  Crows feet wrinkles, wrinkles between eyebrows and lip wrinkles are less visible after this treatment.  The stem cell extract helps to increase the cellular vitality of the skin resulting in a radiant complexion.
90 min $135.00

Full Back Treatment 
This wonderful treatment includes exfoliation, aromatic steam, deep pore cleansing and a refining mask. This facial is good for problematic acne on the back or to rejuvenate the skin.

Details of Beauty Eye and Lip Treatment
Beautiful treatment to address the signs of aging around the eye and lip areas.  This targeted treatment works with Plant Stem Cells, Caviar, Retinol and  Peptides to minimize wrinkles in the eye and lip contour area, reduce puffiness and dark circle around the eyes, and will give an immediate filling and plumping effect to the lips.  The powerful time release of retinol continues to work giving long lasting effects.
45 min $50.00
$30.00 as an add on to any additional service

Joto-Man Facial
A line of cosmetics created just for men, to balance the specific needs if their skin.  With the brisk harmony of active ingredients that rids the skin of stress.  This facial will leave your skin soft while toning, and firming.  Like the essentiality, and purity to the skin.
60 minutes $80.00